Ad Venture Student Competition 2017-18

During my time at University, my team’s work was chosen by the lecturers to be entered to the 2017-18 Ad Venture competition run by edcom. It was a really exciting opportunity to showcase a campaign we had created in response to a brief from Amnesty International. The brief we worked to can be viewed below.

Working in a team of four, we created an operational agency (Melon Cubed) and worked to answer the brief. Our work was chosen as one of the top four entries within the university, and was submitted to the competition. We were delighted to hear that we had made the top ten! 430 participants entered a total of 90 campaigns from 31 universities in 13 countries, and ours was deemed to be in the top 10 entries.

We were then asked to create a poster to explain our concept simply, and showcase our creativity as a team. This can be viewed to the right.

Unfortunately we were not chosen to get through to the next round, but were named a runner up in the competition – Something we are very proud of. Throughout the process, I exercised many advertising skills, including basic web design (for the agency website), print design (for the poster to the right), account management, and creative and strategic thinking.

If you’d like to hear more about the competition and the work my team submitted, please drop me an email at